Eating gluten free?

Eat gluten free with confidence

Make us your place! We have over 20 meal options that can be made gluten free just for you. It is always best to tell us you are requesting Gluten Free (GF), so we are aware and can make the necessary modifications to accommodate your needs.

We don’t use flour in the restaurant! We do have a proprietary starching mixture we use to make our meats and Dynamite Shrimp crispy that does not include flour

We use many Gluten Free proprietary sauces in our cooking recipes and Gluten Free Soy throughout the dining room

Feel free to substitute our Yakisoba Wheat Noodle for Rice Noodles (flat and wide like Pad Thai) or Rice Vermicelli Noodles (thin like Angel Hair)

Note –our 5 Bean Spiced Tofu unfortunately is not Gluten Free

Fresh healthy choices

Here’s a snapshot of why we are different when it comes to fresh & healthy options

Steaming your veggies & proteins for any meal is always an option -just let us know. We also have a beautiful Steam Bowl Entrée meal.

Cutting Carbs? Substitute Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) or Riced Cauliflower (Chopped Cauliflower) –so there is always a way to have a healthy meal or starch alternative

We hand cut our fresh veggies and meats every day

Almost everything we offer can be made Vegetarian or Vegan. Be sure to let us know if it needs to be Vegetarian or Vegan

We serve white meat chicken breast. Our pork loin and steak are both lean cuts. Locals say our Tofu is the best in town.
Your choice for wok-seared, steamed or crispy protein

We use a soy-vegetable blended oil to wok-sear our proteins for each meal. Wok-Searing is a cooking method that enables us to use a minimum amount of oil keeping your dish light and delicious

Homemade soups are made fresh daily. Choose from: Egg Drop, Wonton and Hot & Sour

We hand make our 100% blue crab meat Crab Rangoons, Basil Summer Rolls, Minced Chicken Breast Wontons for our Wonton Soup , Citrus Cheesecake Wontons and Rice Crispy Treats

No microwaves! We cook with a 600 plus degree flame in woks

Freshness guarantee

Daily, we work with hundreds of pounds of fresh ingredients and hand make most of our offerings, we do our best to anticipate your daily needs but sometimes we do run out due to the supply and demand of the day

Volume is the key to freshness. We can confidently say that all of our ingredients are moving so quickly from day of delivery to being served that we receive food and produce deliveries multiple times a week

Our knives and prep crew are always busy! On a weekly basis, we cut, and serve several thousand pounds of proteins and fresh veggies. We make and serve hundreds of pounds of noodles and rice and hundreds of gallons of sauces that we make in house



Substitute Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) or Riced Cauliflower (Chopped Cauliflower) for any noodle or rice option

Because everything is made to order, most of our entrées can be served as Vegetarian or Vegan. Just choose Veggies or our delicious 5 Bean Spiced Tofu. That gives you over 20 options to choose

Try our Vegetable Potstickers, Edamame, Basil Summer Rolls or Kimchi as a Vegan appetizer

We hand roll fresh-made Basil Summer Rolls all day long –A light refreshing Vegan appetizer option